Old Joliet Prison

The Old Joliet Prison is said to be among the most haunted places in America, and covers 20 acres of land. The once self-sustaining compound consists of 24 buildings, all of which have been largely off limits to everyone with the exception of a few tours and special events. In October of 2019 HORNS will be investigating this notorious old location along with our friends at Nevada Paranormal Task Force. 

Los Luceros Ranch 

Los Luceros is a ranch near Alcalde, New Mexico that borders the Rio Grande river. It has shrunk from its original size down to "only" 148 acres. The property has a long history, from original settlement by the Spanish in 1598 through 1821, and has served as everything from a home to a courthouse, with an infamous "hanging tree" where the convicted sometimes met their end. Horns Paranormal is working to establish an investigation into this little known gem, and will be one of only a very, very few teams to ever investigate it officially.