These are copies of the original photo. They have not been manipulated but the transfer isn't as good as I would like. I will try and get better copies up soon.

Believe me when I tell you, I know there's not much to go on to determine if this is really an orb or a reflection, and I would have a hard time convincing myself if I hadn't been the one to experience it. This is the orb, leaving the room, very quickly I might add. The room is pitch black though this makes it look bright. And I could not see this with my naked eye. Only the camera caught it.

Salt Lake City Capitol Building

This investigation is one of the most interesting we had, back in 2016, and that is due to One, we were completely unprepared. It was a spontaneous thing, and we were fortunate enough to be given a chance to explore the site while it was empty (except for one guard). It was a golden opportunity to do some initial reconnaissance , but because of this, we did not have a recorder, or any of our gear other than some basic cameras. We knew very little of the history of the location as well, other than some basic rumors that are whispered in the community.
So imagine my surprise when this site ended up with us capturing some really remarkable evidence, in less than an hour!
We began by walking through the massive building, which has five floors, and beautifully ornate decorative elements everywhere. The building is essentially four long hallways that extend in each direction and are joined in the middle by a central staircase. As we walked through the empty building, we immediately sensed a heavy energy and a feeling of being watched. As we strolled through the building, we took photos by the dozen, as that was all we could effectively do. There was not much to talk about at first, but on  the third floor, as I approached the staircase railing, to look down at the floors below us, I was struck by a sudden, inexplicable sense of dizziness and a heavy feeling came over me. I thought it was just me, and perhaps I was experiencing some slight vertigo, although that would be unusual. However at that exact moment, my teammate Jesus, cried out “woah”, He also felt the sudden dizziness. The feeling passed quickly, but it caught our attention. 
Not a lot happened of note again until we hit the fifth floor, which was pitch black. Being almost directly under the huge dome roof, and having less offices than the other floors, there weren’t even really windows for light to come through, and the lights on that floor were also off, so the floor was basically completely black. 
As Jesus wandered around a corner into an extension of one wing, I sat down on a bench to take photos randomly in the darkness, just in case I might catch something. I took almost 100 pictures just sitting there, and most of them were just black screens. But, as I was snapping shots, the  camera iris caught a bright ball of white light as it crossed the room very fast. It was only an instant but it crossed the room from the extension where Jesus had disappeared and seemed to “land” on the bench near me. I could not see this light with my naked eye, but there was no mistaking its presence. 
I have never been more pissed off at myself for forgetting equipment. 

With no recorder, I could not catch an evp, but I spoke to the spirit anyhow, trying to let it know it was seen and acknowledged. All the while I kept snapping pictures. After about two minutes, catching nothing in the pitch black room, I saw the bright ball of light once more. This time, it was going back the direction it came from, and this time I caught it full on in the frame of the camera. The resulting picture basically looks like a wash of bright light, but it is the actual orb. When I ran it through filters later, you can see it is literally a perfect round ball with an inexplicably bright light shining off of it. There was nothing in the frame of the field of view anywhere to cast a reflection and again, I did not see this with my naked eye, only in the camera iris. Excited by this capture, we decided it was time to leave and try and come back with more equipment, which we still hope to do at a future date to be determined. 
It wasn’t until later that I realized one of my random photos, taken down a semi-dark hall where I had felt a heavy sense of presence walking with me, actually caught a full-bodied apparition. I almost missed it in the review honestly, but here’s where it gets even better. In the window of one of the offices, which we know full well were empty, there is a figure, head and shoulders apparently silhouetted. That first drew my eye, and on looking closer I realized, on the other side of the hall, in front of an office door there is what at first looks like a shadow. However, this “shadow” has several features that the shadows in the photo do not. There is a distinct symmetry that shows a head, shoulders and arms, and a less well-defined torso and legs. When you look at the actual shadows nearby, you also realize, when looking at shadows you can see the details of the building as they lay in those shadows. This figure, you can actually see through, and you realize from the light and the small distinctions, that this figure is actually standing in front of the door, several feet from where the actual shadows are. 
I feel like I can see the impressions of a face in the photo as well, but this is less concrete and more of an impression.
To be fair, this quick foray does not really qualify as an investigation, as we did not have our gear, or a plan, or any of the elements we would bring to a proper investigation. Nonetheless, I am including it here because the evidence is stellar and it just goes to show that sometimes you just have to trust your gut and if an unexpected opportunity to explore a site comes along, take it because you never know what you are walking into.