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“Engaging spirits isn’t an elitist ability or industry, it’s being active in the connection with All Things. It’s innate to us all.” 
S. Kelley Harrell, Real Wyrd : A Modern Shaman's Roots in the Middle World

Who (Or What) Is HORNS?

HORNS Paranormal:

A Different Approach to Paranormal Teams

HORNS was founded back in the old, old days of 2012 by Zachary Kluckman, who has been studying the paranormal since he was seven years old. What began as a fascination with the idea of magical, unseen things moving in our world has evolved over the years into a devoted study of all things paranormal. Since those first years, Over the last 30+ years of investigating and researching the paranormal, Zachary has experienced numerous events ranging from first hand sightings of unidentified flying craft to startling encounters with spirits in Waverly Hills, and much more. Zachary is less interested in proving any of these things exist, and more interested in documenting them and discovering the untold history behind their presence. while working to build true paraunity wih people across the world who share this passion and a need to know more. That said, he has made believers of more than a few folks along the way and is always thrilled when someone discovers the truth for themselves. 


Ok, now that the third person bio is out of the way - 


Here's where I come from. I have had just encounter after encounter with the paranormal. That is not to say it is endless or that I always find what i am looking for when I investigate.  Like every other investigator, I have had more than my share of quiet nights studying the walls of empty building and talking to myself in ruins. I am a believer that when you open your eyes to a thing, you will see it around you. My view on people who do not believe in the paranormal is that either they do not want to know, or they are not ready to know. And that is absolutely fine. This is not for everyone.  But for those ,like me, who feel that need to try and understand that the world is still full of what we used to call magic, this life offers a lot of insight and a new perspective on life and what it means to live it. Let me be clear, I do not believe in everything that has been called paranormal, but I have experienced enough to know that some things are indisputable and others I am willing to keep an open mind about. That said, I am a man of faith, but that is my journey and not something I am trying to put on others either. I do however believe you can be interested in the paranormal and still have faith in a higher power. 


That's really why I formed Hauntings & Other Realms Networks - and why I try to do things a bit differently. 


Unlike many of the teams out there, HORNS is less traditionally structured. We are not, generally speaking a team of four to twelve people who go out to every investigation together every time. There are a lot of benefits to that approach, and we do try and maintain a small core group of people who are familiar with one another's methodologies and personalities. But I envision HORNS as something more fluid than that. I want HORNS to be an attempt to develop true paraunity in the world by existing as a bridge between teams and investigators everywhere,


You can read my rationale for this over there on the right, in the Paraunity column. Basically I believe our best work is done when we function as a community at large, leveraging all of the perspectives, experiences and skills of the entire community to understand what we may discover at any location. So that word networks is key for who we are. 


We want to work with as many teams and individuals as we can. I have been fortunate enough over the years to work with any number of people, and I value what each person brings to the table. Bringing fresh ideas, technologies, and most importantly, people, to every investigation allows us to help limit our own biases and avoid the pitfalls of using the same techniques and methodologies over and over. For example, periodelia, the tendency to see something you want to see where it may not exist. Even seasoned investigators can fall prey to this easily if we let our guard down. Consistently working with new people can help us to minimize these unintentional biases, challenge ourselves more often to be critical and scientific, and also be open to things we have not considered before. There are many seasoned and extremely knowledgeable investigators out there but I do not believe anyone is actually an expert in the paranormal. How can we be experts in the unknown? 


But working to network together, build relationships with investigators around the world, and to hold one another up while holding ourselves accountable - that's a worthy goal in my mind.And the result is that we all learn from each other and make discoveries together. 


To put it simply, our structure works like this. We try and maintain a small core of investigators and people to help with tech available near our Albuquerque, New Mexico base, but we also work to maintain an extended team out there in the world so that we can collaborate to set up investigation sites, research and explore the history behind sites, and examine evidence together in a scientific manner. In that way, we work to build paraunity by calling on good people out there and making good friends along the way.





This word has been used a lot in the community in recent days, and it is one that we embrace avidly. In fact, it's the basis of our entire approach, as you can see from our introduction over there on the left. 


But what does it mean? Ideally, It means exactly what you would think. Teams, investigators and people who delve into the paranormal coming together to build community and work together with common goals.  In a perfect world it means all of these people coming together (and not just at paracons) to share ideas and methodologies, talk about innovations in research and technology, and to help promote each other.


Let me repeat that last part. 


And to help promote each other. Unfortunately, and I am not pointing fingers at anyone here, but unfortunately, sometimes people or teams gain a certain amount of notoriety or a reputation (which is awesome when it is for good practices or gathering solid evidence) - and that can lead to a competitive attitude, with investigators locking down access to sites, or turf guarding.  


I get it. When we get unique access to a special site, or some place that has never been investigated before ,it's natural to want to get in and do a clean investigation, contain the contamination of evidence and just plain get the first look. All love, and respect for that. 


But, I worry that we miss the opportunity after that to really build paraunity by working together. We all have our own methodologies, our own reasons for doing this, and our own goals. If you want to be a TV star, good luck! I hope you make it. if you just want to discover something unknown or learn the history of a location because it feeds your need to learn, right on. Whatever you do, as long as you aren't harming anyone else, do you.


But getting back to my example, if you have done a first, maybe even a second follow-up investigation, why not open the site up and bring other teams and investigators in? If you've gotten some good evidence, or even if you haven't, you can only benefit by bringing in fresh eyes and ideas. We all know sometimes the spirits are more attracted to someone else, or more willing to connect with them. 


This is why we built HORNS the way we did. I want to promote as much true unity in the paranormal world as possible, by bridging those gaps. Whatever evidence I have gathered, I am happy to share. If someone debunks it successfully, or finds something I missed, that's awesome. I am interested in discovery, and I have found over and over that paraunity only makes this more possible, and more fun frankly. 


So, that said, if any of you want to share notes, compare photos, or visit a site we are investigating, or you  would like to invite HORNS to come along on one of yours, please reach out. Let's help each other out when we can, and remember we are all working towards the same ultimate goals. Discovering the truth about what we don't know, and experiencing something truly unique and special along the way. 



Want to Join Our Team?

As you have no doubt read over there on the left, HORNS is a non-traditional team, in that we try to work with as many investigators and teams as we can, to build paraunity and to learn from and encourage one another. That said, we do love having a core group of investigators on hand to help establish sites, research evidence and locations, and come out on the investigations, naturally. 


If you are interested in joining our core team, and you live within the Albuquerque, New Mexico area or close by, email us at hornsparanormal@gmail.com.  


We will respond quickly with an application and more information on our procedures and policies, as well as what we expect from each other when working together. 


If you would like to be part of our extended team, out there in the rest of the world, please feel free to e-mail us at the same address. We love meeting new people, and will respond quickly so we can get to know one another and see if there is a good fit for everyone involved. 


Typically, what we prefer is for people wanting to join our extended team from other states to share with us a location in their area that may be worth investigating and that you may have access to, or can help introduce us to the folks we need to meet to try and gain that access. This allows us to come out and meet you in person ideally, and work with one another on an investigation, to see how we work together. 


Our extended team also receives invitations to any investigations we may do in their area while working with other teams on site. For example, our investigation at the Old Joliett prison in October 2019. If you are in that area, we may be able to bring you in on that investigation. In this way, we hope to make the experience rewarding for everyone involved and expand our opportunities to one another.