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Guided Investigations at the ABQ Press Club!


HORNS Paranormal is offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind guided paranormal investigations of this historic landmark once a month. These are only available on the third Sunday of each month, beginning at 12 am, and lasting until 4 am, due to the club's hours and staffing. During the investigations, you are welcome to bring your equipment and do your own research, with certain restrictions. No seances, provocation of spirits or Ouija boards are allowed. A member of the HORNS team will be on hand at all times to answer questions or provide support. You can find our guidelines and what to expect during your time with us below.


This is truly a historic opportunity as access to the club in the past has been extremely limited for paranormal investigators. Now you can investigate one of New Mexico's most notoriously active sites for yourself and perhaps meet the spirits that remain in the house! 


During the investigation we will provide a brief history, a few examples of activity we have caught ourselves, and then you will have several hours of uninterrupted investigations. Some refreshments will be available as well. And if you fall in love with this place, the way we have, you can become a member as well!



For more information on the Press Club, feel free to visit their website at: http://www.abqpressclub.com/


To purchase tickets, please follow this link:


(Note: For teams of 10 individuals, we offer a slight discount)



Albuquerque Press Club (Whittlesey House)Tour Description - Guidelines - Rules


Here you will find a few guidelines & some rules for our tours at the ABQ Press Club.This is to help everyone know & understand what to expect on your tour or investigation.We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity during your visit but can assure you we will give you every opportunity within reason to discover for yourself who the spirits are that remain. If you feel you want or need more information, please do not hesitate to call (505) 985-9708  between 9 am and 5 pm M-F. We will be more than happy to answer any questions. Thank you for your support! 






Approximately 3½ -4 hours in length. An introduction to the Albuquerque Press Club, formerly the Whittlesey house and initial walk-through with a knowledgeable guide will begin your journey with us. Afterwards, you will be free to use cameras, paranormal equipment and recorders to attempt to capture evidence on your own. A staff member and a member of HORNS Paranormal will be on hand at all times, able to answer questions and provide guidance for those less experienced. We strongly suggest no one under the age of 13 and no one under the age of 10 years old will be permitted as these tours do contain adult content that we feel may not be appropriate for small children. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18 at all times. 



There will be a guide present, but they will not be with you during the entire event, they will be roaming around from group to group. Guests are free to walk around on assigned floor until they are moved to the next area by the staff investigator. You will be given an allotted time to investigate each area of the building. Excluding any areas where the public is not permitted. 


Absolutely NO ONE ALLOWED on the property without a reservation. (NO PETS ALLOWED). Thank You! 


 *** IMPORTANT *** Once arriving to ABQ Press Club for your Investigation, the property will be locked and guests are expected to stay on the property until the end of the tour. Our security staff is there to help ensure that your time at the Press Club is uninterrupted, but we are not staffed to allow for the coming and going from the property for the duration of your Investigation. Please ensure to bring everything you will need with you when you come, including equipment, flashlights, water, and comfortable shoes. If an emergency arises, and you must leave the property for some reason, we will accommodate you, but we cannot have people coming and going. This is also for the benefit of the investigators, as this disrupts the process.






Tours at ABQ Press Club can be mildly strenuous for those who find it difficult to climb stairs, suffer from breathing issues or other health issues.Many of the rooms are small, designed in an earlier era. While in the building,we will have the lights off as much as possible, so anyone experiencing difficulty with their vision should be prepared for this. Although everyone is welcome, if you need help going up & down stairs or walking, hearing or seeing, please have someone scheduled to come with you to help you on the tour.


By booking your tour with this site, you are solely responsible for understanding and following these rules and regulations. BE SURE to understand age restrictions as there will be NO REFUNDS and guests will not be permitted to enter if they do not qualify for the age restrictions. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

There are WORKING RESTROOMS inside the Press Club. However the plumbing is old, so please do not flush towels or anything other than the toilet paper intended as the pipes simply can’t take it. Be advised, the bathrooms are not accessible by wheelchair as the building is old and has not had ramps installed yet. Also, please be mindful of noise if you use the restrooms, out of respect for your fellow investigators.


Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.


Calling for reservations: The reservation number (505) 985-9708 is for information on tours & Investigation availability & making reservations. 

The staff here at the ABQ Press Club are here in order to insure you enjoy your visit with us. Please be respectful. Do NOT leave trash or other messes, assuming that someone will just clean it up. Throw your trash away in the proper receptacles and clean up after yourself.


 You can visit our website for information:



You can also like us on Facebook, under the name: "Albuquerque Press Club" and “Horns  -Haunting and Other Realms Network” respectively. We are also online at Instagram @hornspat. We sincerely appreciate your support as we work to save & restore the ABQ Press Club!



All reservations must be paid, IN FULL, IN ADVANCE in order to secure your appointment. There are NO REFUNDS for any reason – NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Absolutely NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS and/or WEAPONS of any kind are allowed on the property at any time.


Video and photography are allowed on site, with the exception of certain areas, which will be shown to you on arrival. Any attempt to record visually, in any medium, in these areas will result in you being escorted off site.  Other visual recording rules may be enforced but will be disclosed at the beginning of each tour. These two areas are small and you will still have the vast majority of the building available to you.


Flashlight and camera use is limited while in the building and on the property. No large spotlights, large powerful flashlights or headlamps will be permitted. Flash photography is strictly prohibited on the outside of the building during tours after dark. This is to avoid disruption of other tours being conducted.


There is no food allowed inside the building. Only bottled drinks with sealable lids are allowed inside the building. All must be removed & placed in proper trash receptacles provided. 


ALL guests at ABQ Press Club MUST adhere to all of the rules and regulations while on the property and all requests and instructions given by the guide. 


When you arrive, please follow all instructions given to you by the person checking you in at the entrance.


WE THANK YOU! For your support in HELPING US RESTORE & SAVE The Albuquerque Press Club and Historic Whittlesey house. 


If you plan to set-up and use any cameras or other paranormal detection equipment, set-up and wrap-up time must be factored into the scheduled time allotted for your reservation. You MUST exit the building, and leave ABQ Press Club on time, at the end of your session. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO DRONES ALLOWED!





Everyone that schedules a tour or an investigation & enters on, ABQ Press Club property agrees & signs a waiver stating that, all video/audio/photos,or any media captured at the Press Club, belongs to ABQ Press Club&/or its owners and agents. No one can use or sale any of the above for any reason.  (Personal use only/Not for personal gain in anyway).This means you may display what you capture on your sites or social media, but may absolutely not be compensated in any way for any of these. Also, certain areas of the club are absolutely off limits for visual recording. You also agree not to use or portray ABQ Press Club or HORNS Paranormal in any negative way. You also agree that at any time,your image or your likeness, your voice, your words, could be captured while on said property & ABQ Press Club has your permission to use your image or likeness, your voice, your words, in any way they see fit without your permission or any kind of compensation.  You also agree that you do not hold & release the Albuquerque Press Club, HORNS Paranormal and their owners, operators, employees, volunteers, family, guest and or acquaintances of any liability of any kind whatsoever. This includes any damages or injury to yourself and or your personal property. You accept all responsibility for yourself, your actions & or anyone you have brought on to said property, meaning ABQ Press Club,with you. You agree to any and all rules & or regulations mentioned while on ABQ Press Club property. You agree that you have read & fully understand. This includes past, present & future visits on ABQ Press Club property.